"There has to be more to life than this?"

Sound familiar? 

Doesn't matter what you do, it just feels likes there's something missing?

If I told you, you had a super power but you didn't know it, would you believe me?

If you are a woman, who is in her reproductive years, then YOU have a super power within your monthly cycle!

As a woman myself, and a mother of 4 girls, I am so grateful to have learnt this, and, to have the training as a Holistic Health Coach to be able to guide others to live a lifestyle that prioritises a healthy monthly cycle.

The food you eat, the exercise you do, how you prioritise your family and work life can all be made so much easier and efficient by tweaking your lifestyle to match your cycle!


Do you know your values?

Your values are like your internal compass. If what you say yes to lights you up, it matches your values. If you say yes and it makes you feel ICK.. it's against your values.

Knowing your values is the beginning of living a purposeful life. My FREE Mini E-Course shows you how. 

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"If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for everything"

- Katy Perry

"She’s so easy to connect with"

"I love how she just gets straight to the point"

"She’s just so real"

"I loved it, I know what I have to do to take the next steps"

I had to lose who I was to find who I am..

Hey There Purpose Seeker! 
I'm so grateful you have found my website. Chances are if you're here, we have a bit in common! 
Have you ticked all the boxes of life and asked yourself the question "is this it?" "surely there has to be more to life?"
Have you ever wondered who am I? If I'm not a parent, partner, business owner, receptionist, nurse, teacher etc, if all that was taken away tomorrow, who would I be?
Have you felt that lingering pull inside your heart, possibly shut it down over and over but it's getting louder and you have no idea what to do with it?
I want you to know you are not alone! In fact there are HEAPS of us out there, myself being one of them. 
It took me losing all the labels I defined myself by, becoming all the labels I swore I NEVER would be, for me to begin the journey to figure out who I am, what I stand for and to live life on purpose, regardless of the labels I acquired on the way.
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